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Thursday, November 09, 2006  

Camera//coming soon

The kids (my daughter Anna and her boyfriend Jesse) are sending me a desk lamp so I can type in the dark, and a video camera for my computer. So three days from now you should see more posts and live pictures of me...Yayyyyyy! Thanks guys.

Ok, it's Veterans Day so no mail today...the bank's closed too, so no checking account either... Camera on Monday.

Oops, Can't Fit The Plug In

The USB plug is surrounded by other plugs on my computer, so I can't fit the USB camera plug into the group...someday soon I'll get past the stomach flu and stop throwing up every few minutes and turn off the power and unplug the moniter and fit the camera plug in (and load the driver) and see how it works -- live TV coming soon! (some day)
--oh well wish me luck and Thanks, Anna!

The desk lamp is nice -- good thing they included a pack of 40watt bulbs, though...

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Linda, you really f'cked up this tine

Ok, it's 1 in the afternoon after lumch, like you asked, and I called your home phone ro save your money. So the first thing you do is curse me. for calling tou, when you asked me to, where you asked me to. Never again. You can call me when you want to talk to me...whenever...

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